Ersel SIM S.p.A., which is 100% controlled by Ersel Investimenti S.p.A., owned by the Giubergia family, is the operating parent company of the Ersel Group.

It offers professional and tailored services on all matters relating to assets, from asset management to advice on tax and inheritance issues and corporate finance or extraordinary finance operations.

Unlike other Italian operators, Ersel Sim does not make use of an external sales network, preferring to employ internal professionals capable of analysing the needs of each individual customer. The customer relationship manager is in constant contact with both fund managers and the managers of private portfolios. The fully integrated structure makes it possible to offer a personalised service and in line with the expectations of the most demanding customers.

In Italy Ersel SIM distributes, together with Online SIM, the funds managed by Ersel Asset Management SGR and Ersel Gestion Internationale. 

Ersel SIM carries out the following activities:

Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel Investimenti SpA
Head Office:

Turin - 10121 - Piazza Solferino, 11

Other Offices: 
Milan - 20123 - Via Santa Maria Segreta, 7/9
Bologna - 40123 - Via M. D'Azeglio, 19 

Share capital: € 81.700.000 i.v. 

Registro Imprese Uff. Torino, C.F. e P. IVA: 06748450019

Subject to the supervision of: Bank of Italy and Consob

REA: 810329

Albo SIM: 63


Company adhering to the National Guarantee Fund, Codice SIM0274

Board of Directors of Ersel SIM

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Guido Giubergia
  • Managing Director: Andrea Rotti
  • Director: Alessandro Lorenzi
  • Director: Francesca Giubergia
  • Director: Vera Palea
  • Director: Annunziata Melaccio

Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Chairman: Tancredi Ceresa
  • Standing Auditor: Fabio Zucchetti
  • Standing Auditor: Leonardo Cuttica 
  • Standing Auditor: Gianluca Paletto 
  • Standing Auditor: Lucia Margherita Rota 


Independent Auditors: Ernst & Young SpA


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