Simon Fiduciaria and Nomen Fiduciaria

Born in the late 80s and early 90s, Simon and Nomen offer their services to private customers (natural or legal persons), entrepreneurs and professionals, both nationally and abroad. In 2015 they became part of the Ersel Group, maintaining the same operational, professional and independence characteristics from financial intermediaries, with the ambition to better satisfy the needs of trustors.

Both trustees are registered in the special section of the list of financial intermediaries ex art. 106 of Legislative Decree no. 385/1993, possessing the necessary requirements in terms of capital adequacy, corporate governance, administrative organization, system information and internal control. 

Among the main services offered to private customers:

  • fiduciary administration of assets, within which the activity of administration with fiduciary registration is accompanied by the operation through the mandate to administer without heading, the latter operation developed in the context of the procedures for the emergence of foreign assets (shield tax and voluntary disclosure);
  • wealth planning, asset planning activities aimed at protecting personal and business assets, in order to preserve their integrity in view of the transmission to future generations;
  • establishment of trust and assumption of the role of trustee, operation whereby a subject (the trustee) administers and manages an asset that has been transmitted to him by another person (settlor or settlor) for a pre-established purpose or in the interest of one or more beneficiaries;
  • wealth analysis, a service dedicated to the most complex assets, which require a complex management, useful for assessing the "state of health" of their assets. A team of specialists follows all the phases of the process, starting from the analysis to support the investment strategy up to the monitoring of the performance.

Other services are specifically aimed at entrepreneurs:

  • corporate transactions, in which the assignment of a fiduciary mandate may allow the creation, alongside the classic services of the participation heading, of other objectives, including maintaining confidentiality during a generational transfer or in the case of extraordinary transactions, implementation of shareholders' agreements, facilitate the implementation of widespread shareholding plans and stock options;
  • escrow agreement, guarantee contracts by which a subject (trust or escrow agent) receives on deposit assets or assets with the obligation to keep them according to the instructions received and release them when certain events occur in favor of the depositor or another person;
  • domiciliation of social offices, in complete protection of the confidentiality of the actual owner of the company.