Simon Fiduciaria offers its services to private clients, entrepreneurs and professionals in Italy and abroad. With over €7 billion in assets, it represents the most important independent fiduciary reference point in the Italian market.

The company became part of became part of Ersel Group in 2015, maintaining the same operational, professional and independence characteristics as financial intermediaries, with the goal of more fully meeting the needs of clients. 

Simon Fiduciaria is registered in the separate section of the register of first-tier financial intermediaries (pursuant to art. 106 TUB), subject to the supervision of the Bank of Italy, characterised not only by their capital solidity, but above all by the procedures in place to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. 

The main services offered to private customers include:

  • fiduciary administration of assets, either in the form of administration with trust title or a mandate to administer without title, the latter of which was developed in the context of the procedures for the repatriation of foreign assets (tax amnesty and voluntary disclosure programmes);
  • the setting up of trusts and provision of trustee services, a process whereby one party (the trustee) administers and manages assets that have been transferred to the trustee by another party (the settlor) for a pre-established purpose or in the interest of one or more beneficiaries;
  • wealth planning, financial planning aimed at protecting personal and business assets to maintain their integrity with a view of passing them to future generations;
  • family office and wealth analysis, services for high-value private and institutional portfolios, often entrusted to multiple managers. Family Office services aid high net worth individuals who require independent, professional support in directing and supervising diverse, complex portfolios, while Wealth Analysis assists professional investors in ensuring thorough monitoring of various assets at the overall portfolio level.

Other services are specifically aimed at entrepreneurs:

  • corporate transactions, an area in which a trust mandate, in addition to the classic services of shareholding in trust, may also pursue other objectives such as maintaining confidentiality during a generational transition or extraordinary transactions, ensuring the implementation of shareholders' agreements, facilitating the execution of shareholder plans and stock options;
  • escrow agreement, are guarantee contracts in which one party (the escrow agent) receives goods or assets on deposit with the obligation to retain them according to the instructions received and release them to the depositor or another party upon the occurrence of certain events;
  • domicile services for registered offices to fully protect the confidentiality of the company's beneficial owner.

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Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel Banca Privata SpA.

Simon Fiduciaria SpA

Head Office: Turin 10121 - Via Giannone 10
Share capital (unique partner): € 1.000.000,00 
Registro Imprese Uff. Torino, C.F. e P. IVA: 04605970013
Authorized to the exercise of the activities disciplined by the Law 23/11/1939 n. 1966 con Decreto Ministeriale del 3 maggio 1986


Board of Directors of Simon Fiduciaria.
Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel Banca Privata SpA.

Simon Fiduciaria SpA

Board of Directors


  • Chairman: Umberto Giraudo
  • Director: Francesca Giubergia
  • Director: Federico Taddei
  • Director: Davide Davico 
  • Director: Aldo Gallo
  • Director: Emanuele Cottino
  • Director: Matteo Bozzalla Cassione 


Board of Statutory Auditors


  • Chairman: Alberto Bava
  • Standing Auditor: Lucia Margherita Calista Rota
  • Standing Auditor: Federico Della Chiesa
  • Standing Auditor: Giulio Prando
  • Standing Auditor: Francesca Bava




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