Ersel Asset Management SGR was the first mutual investment fund management company to be authorised in Italy in 1983.

It manages harmonised Italian mutual funds differentiated by management policy, market and securities, and hedge funds.

In order to obtain excellent results in all classes of financial business, Ersel uses internal managers who concentrate on areas and strategies in which they can boast lengthy experience and consolidated track records, confirmed by multiple prizes and awards; Ersel Asset Management heads up the team dedicated to direct management.

The Board of Directors, based on the analyses and proposals of the Investments Committee, defines the strategic allocation on a monthly basis in relation to the most significant variables for each product managed. The management team dedicated to the product is responsible not only for the tactical allocation but the decisions relating to the distribution by geographic area, country, sector and individual security/financial instrument.

In 2000, Ersel established the second company in Italy authorised to set up and manage hedge funds, financial instruments characterised by high minimum investment limits (Euro 500 thousand), managed through sophisticated strategies and techniques, difficult to access through conventional investment programmes. The company was then merged in Ersel Asset Management.

The funds managed by Ersel Asset Management SGR are distributed by the group through its companies Ersel SIM and Online SIM.

Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel SIM S.p.A.
Head Office:

Torino - 10121 - Piazza Solferino, 11

Share capital (unique partner): € 15.000.000 i.v. 

Registro Imprese Uff. Torino, C.F. e P. IVA:04428430013

REA: 631925

Albo SGR: n. 1


Board of Directors of Ersel Asset Management

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Guido Giubergia
  • Director : Alberto Pettiti
  • Director : Marco Covelli
  • Director: Dario Brandolini
  • Independent Director : Vera Palea
  • Independent Director : Aldo Gallo

Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Chairman: Marina Mottura
  • Standing Auditor:  Alberto Bava
  • Standing Auditor: Alessandro Pedretti

Independent Auditors: Ernst & Young SpA


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