Since 2000 Online SIM is the leading fintech platform in Italy to invest online in mutual funds.

Established in 2000 as an independent company, joins Ersel Group in 2004. Online SIM offers the opportunity to compare, choose and purchase more than 4,500 Mutual Funds and SICAVs online from over 150 of the leading investment houses in the world.

Using Online SIM, you can subscribe Capital Growth Plans (PAC), Pension Funds for supplementary pensions, Individual Savings Plans (PIR) and ESG Funds to build a portfolio that evaluates companies and countries with respect to their degree of respect for sustainability, measuring environmental, social and governance factors.

On the Online SIM platform is possible to invest in three ways:

  • autonomously with the help of fund selection, analysis and comparison tools,
  • by selecting model portfolios selected from those offered by the best management companies and ESG specialists, built on different asset classes and developed on the basis of quantitative methodologies. Each portfolio adopts different investment strategies and focuses on certain sectors, financial instruments or countries.
  • by selecting a dedicated robo advisor, a virtual advisor which, using sophisticated mathematical algorithms, offers investment solutions based on the customer’s needs and objectives, proposes suitable financial products, suggests asset allocation changes to take advantage of market situations and indicates periodic rebalancing of the invested portfolio.

In addition to private customers, Online SIM is also targeted at other customer brackets; for professional investors such as pension funds, foundations, bank owners, management companies, insurance companies, it offers the possibility of subscribing shares in the institutional category through a rapid and flexible process.

It offers a sub-placement service targeted at commercial banks, private banking providers, cooperative credit banks (BCC), networks of promoters and SIMs (stock brokerage firms), that need to place funds in open architecture and shares in Italian and foreign funds at its own private customers.

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Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel Banca Privata SpA.

Head Office: Milan 20145 - Via Pier Capponi, 13
Share capital (unique partner): € 2.000.000 i.v. 
Registro Imprese Uff. Milano, C.F. e P. IVA: 12927410154
REA: 1597729
Albo SIM: 175

Company adhering to the National Guarantee Fund, Codice SIM0322.

Board of Directors of Online SIM.
Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel Banca Privata SpA.

Board of Directors


  • Chairman: Francesca Giubergia
  • C.E.O.: Federico Taddei
  • Director: Stanislao Vialardi
  • Director : Andrea Rayneri
  • Director: Aldo Gallo
  • Independent Director: Marco Gay
  • Independent Director: Vera Palea
  • Independent Director: Matteo Bozzalla Cassione


Board of Statutory Auditors


  • Chairman: Fabio Zucchetti
  • Standing Auditor: Ivano Gasco
  • Standing Auditor: Lucia Rota
  • Standing Auditor: Laura Bagnasco
  • Standing Auditor: Edoardo Luca Zucchetti 

Independent Auditors: EY Italia


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