Ersel is a reference partner in the world of professionals in satisfying all asset planning requirements.

Ersel PRO was established to meet the well-structured needs typical of the management of complex assets, a dedicated business channel which sees Ersel Group support professionals in building personalised solutions, working systematically and as a reference partner in the medium/long-term.

Innovation is the distinctive process of Ersel Group which has led it to combining the core activities of private banking and asset management also with specific wealth planning solutions: 

  • Account aggregation: personalised service for complex assets which makes it possible to increase the value of the entire capital and optimise portfolio choices.
  • Fiduciary services: customized solutions with high added value and services to maintain maximum confidentiality in business initiatives. The fiduciary registration of shareholdings, allows to protect the confidentiality of the real owner entrusting Ersel with the representation in the assemblies, the subscription of capital increases or the granting of loans to the shareholders. In the case of delicate transactions, where the parties intend to ensure mutual compliance with the commitments, Ersel can act as guarantor or assist the client in the phases that accompany the purchase and sale of shares, guaranteeing professionalism, speed and confidentiality in the closing phases.
  • Corporate advisory: integrated and comprehensive service for extraordinary finance transactions and targeted and professional advisory services.
  • Real estate advisory services: A dedicated team can help the customer identify the most suitable solutions for specific real estate requirements.
  • Research and analysis of the best managers:  Ersel’s London office dedicated to strengthening the network of professional relations with the most high-profile investment houses and offering wealth management services.
  • Luxembourg SICAVs and funds: solutions dedicated to the management of large assets.
  • Philanthropy and assistance: with the Ersel Group foundations.


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