Ersel Gestion Internationale is dedicated to the management of the diversified funds set up under Luxembourg law. These include Globersel, Leadersel, Systematica, Ersel Sicav e Value SIF Sicav, in compliance with EU and Luxembourg laws certain of which are authorised for placement in Italy, Luxembourg and UK.

An office was opened in London in 2011, as a hub for the research and analysis of external managers in support of the investments of Ersel Asset Management and Ersel Gestion Internationale.

A presence on Europe's most important financial centre has made it possible to consolidate the professional network with the most prestigious investment houses and to configure investment opportunities that are not readily available to private investors in Italy. In addition, the investments in sub-funds reserved to institutional investors make it possible to minimise the costs associated with the investment, to the full benefit of the final return.

The team dedicated to multi-manager activities ensures an effective process of seeking out the best opportunities, the constant exchange of information and timely controls of the work of pre-selected managers. The selection process takes place through careful due diligence performed on the management structures, so as to guarantee solidity in the investment processes and continued achievement of results.

In 2016, Ersel Gestion Internationale expanded its services in London through asset management.

The funds managed by Ersel Gestion Internationale are distributed by the group through its companies Ersel SIM and Online SIM.

Since 2019 Ersel has focused wealth management activities in Luxembourg, responding to a logic of control over the most important European markets following the period of uncertainty over the Brexit outcomes.


Take a look at these documents:

Company subject to the direction and coordination of Ersel SIM S.p.A.
Head Office:

17 rue Jean l’Aveugle - L-1148 Luxembourg
Tel. +352 27478820 - Fax +352 27478821

Other Offices
London Branch - 118 Piccadilly, Mayfair - London W1J 7NW
Tel. +44(0) 203 873 8000

Subject to the supervision ofCommission de Surveillance du Secteur financier (“CSSF”), 283 route d’Arlon, 2991 Luxembourg - - Tel. + 352 26 25 1 1

Licensed by: CSSF on the 30 June 2005


Share capital€ 600.000 i.v. 

Registro Imprese Luxembourg: B30350

TVA: LU20362178



Board of Directors of Ersel Gestion Internationale

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Umberto Giraudo
  • Director: Alberto Pettiti
  • Director: Antoine Gilson de Rouvreux
  • Director: Max Meyer
  • Director: Eduardo Tubia
  • Director: Henri Ninove
  • Director: Andrea Nascè


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