It unveils a new operating branch in London in 2011, mainly to consolidate the professional network with the most prestigious investment houses and where it has carried out customer asset management and advisory activities since 2016.

To reinforce the research, in 2010 the London office was opened, where they are concentrated the activities of analysis and selection of external managers dedicated to the programs of international multimanager investments, realized by Ersel Asset Management and by
Ersel Gestion Internationale.

The presence on the main European financial center has allowed to consolidate the professional network with the most prestigious investment houses and to configure investment opportunities not readily available to private investors in Italy. Since 2016, the London office has expanded its services, devoting itself directly to the
management of some investment funds in which recourse to external managers is prevalent selected by the search service.

Also from 2016, the headquarters has also added management and consulting activities assets for the benefit of private customers.

On the London square, Ersel also has a network of external professionals for all the needs related to heritage, for fiscal aspects and for the evaluation of opportunities in every area of ​​interest, from real estate to art, to the world of startups.

For customers with tax residence in the UK Ersel offers a private wealth service personalized management, which includes asset management and reporting global, wealth management analysis and advice and operational support in the selection of external professionals for all needs related to heritage.


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