Every client has specific needs and in order to satisfy them Ersel makes available a vast range of services and financial instruments.

Image Services

Ersel guarantees a completely professional approach to asset management with tailored solutions aimed at satisfying the needs and necessities of every individual investor.

The client can choose to actively follow the management of the portfolio by making use of the consultancy service or can delegate the management to Ersel, which looks after the assets in compliance with the agreed guidelines. Through the Group’s fiduciary company, Ersel also offers private clients services to safeguard and strengthen their assets over time and offers companies services to maintain the utmost confidentiality in business initiatives, thus facilitating their management and execution.

Thanks to its long experience in extraordinary corporate operations, Ersel can offer an integrated, complete and competitive service as an advisor on corporate finance, private equity operations for companies and public and private operators and private insurance.

Ersel makes available to institutional investors the know-how and professional approach of its management team in order to define the risk profile and the yield targets on the basis of the specific needs of each individual client.