Ersel performs trading operations on all types of securities based on orders placed directly by the customer.


The transmission of buy and sell orders is carried out through the Private Banker and allows access to the main equity and bond markets, ETFs and the best Funds and SICAVs.

The execution of orders is carried out by the trading desk in compliance with "best execution" according to MIFID regulations.


Risk Budget

The correspondence of the client's risk appetite with the risk potential of the investment is checked before each order placed by the client. The Bank has adopted its own method, known as Risk Budgeting, through which a maximum risk ceiling is assigned, set on the basis of the client's risk profile, reached by the customer's portfolio as a result of individual investments.

The maximum limit – the Risk Budget – is "reduced" by each individual investment, on the basis of a risk coefficient set specifically by the Bank according to the type of investment, issuer, etc., in order to ensure that the risk level is not exceeded.

The advance check of the "reduction" of the Risk Budget for each transaction is carried out by means of IT tools and, in addition to providing an up-to-date overview of the overall degree of risk reached by the portfolio at all times, guarantees full compliance with suitability regulations.


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