The assets often include a significant real estate component headed by natural persons or legal entities. Thanks to the experience accrued to date, Ersel can help customers with various activities carried out both directly or indirectly with the help of specialised external consultants.

Real estate management

The current context, which is so deeply marked by recent market, tax and regulatory changes, demands increasingly structured, specialised skills to cope with the various aspects of this type of investment: to purchase a new property, to improve the profitability of an asset already held in the portfolio or in the event of disposal.

The examples of the real estate management services that Ersel can offer its customers include:

  • The disposal of property assets - analysis of the property asset and identification of the possible market value, selection and contact with the most qualified real estate agencies for the management of the sale process.
  • The search for the property assets for purchase - verification of the investment needs of the customer and search for the possible property assets present on the market based on the asset type: residential, commercial, revenue-generating, development, for personal use or for company requirements, etc.
  • The feasibility study of the real estate investment - analysis of the market and the competitors, town planning aspects and administrative process, development proposal and drafting of the business plan with the presumed profitability.
  • Property management, coordination of all activities involving the management of the obligations connected with ownership: relations with lessees, rental fee management, tax and insurance obligations, building services, ordinary maintenance, condominium relations.
  • Property due diligence, survey targeted at the overall property valuation for the technical/design, legal/documentary, economic/administrative aspects.
  • Contract support, legal/tax assistance targeted at supporting customers in typical real estate contracts, such as purchase/sales, leases, contributions, loans.
  • Mapping of real estate assets.

Ersel’s experience in the real estate sector has been consolidated in the field thanks to the direct management of Alisia, a closed-end real estate fund reserved to qualified customers, geared towards investment in high quality properties in prestigious areas, developed in partnership with Fenera Real Estate.

  • the first investment was completed in 2009, a former mining town in La Thuile in Valle d’Aosta, for splitting and sale.
  • a building was purchased in corso Matteotti in Turin, former site of Exor, for splitting and sale.



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