The Group

A high quality service, tailored products, trust that grows over time, direct management of the client without a sales network. This is the philosophy which has allowed Ersel to distinguish itself and excel in the Italian panorama of asset management.

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The type of client, mainly consisting of private individuals, and also the size of the assets under management ensure that all the operations undertaken by the company are marked by utmost confidentiality and, at the same time, characterised by absolute transparency.

The investment process aims to create value in the medium/long term, through management based on the study of the fundamentals of the economy and of companies. A team of specialists guarantees the professional approach acquired over decades of excellent work in the field, using the most innovative risk control techniques; the close integration with fund managers enables the best use to be made of their specific skills.

Created in Turin in the 1930s as Studio Giubergia, Ersel is now a broad and dynamic group, which has managed to keep its values unchanged over time.

The following are part of the Ersel Group:

Ersel Investimenti
100% owned by the Giubergia family, it controls Ersel SIM, the operating parent company.

Ersel SIM
100% controlled by Ersel Investimenti, owned by the Giubergia family, is the operating parent company of the Ersel Group. Ersel SIM offers specialist services on all matters linked to assets, from asset management to advice on tax and inheritance issues and corporate finance and extraordinary finance operations.

Ersel Asset Management SGR
This handles the management of harmonised Italian mutual funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, and pure and multimanager hedge funds.

Ersel Gestion Internationale
A company set up under Luxembourg law, it manages the diversified funds, Globersel, Leadersel and Systematica, which conform to EU law.

Simon Fiduciaria and Nomen Fiduciaria 
Born in the late 80s and early 90s, Simon and Nomen offer their services to private customers (natural or legal persons), entrepreneurs and professionals, both nationally and abroad. In 2015 they became part of the Ersel Group, maintaining the same operational, professional and independence characteristics from financial intermediaries, with the ambition to better satisfy the needs of trustors.

Online SIM
The market leader in Italy in the placement of online funds, it offers the chance to compare and choose online more than 3,500 funds from over 130 of the leading investment houses in the world.