Thanks to a dedicated team and its long experience, Ersel sets up SICAVs and foreign funds structured according to the needs of institutional customers, comprised of a single sub-fund or umbrella funds. Sub-funds can, in turn, have a specific vocation or be set up in such a way as to be invested in a multitude of instruments.

In the case of the umbrella fund solution, according to Luxembourg law, each sub-fund is segregated from the others, with its own investment policy and one or more exclusive investment managers. The potential investments include all financial instruments, such as shares, bonds, Government bonds, mutual investment funds, indexes and options, plus less traditional solutions such as real estate funds and alternative investments, hedge funds and UCITS funds.

The establishment of a SICAV or Luxembourg fund offers customers a very high degree of transparency and visibility of the assets invested and management choices; the setting up of sub-funds within a SICAV already established presents a number of advantages in terms of times and costs. Ersel meets all administrative obligations and all documentation requested by the local authorities is sent, working in close contact with the players involved in the project, including the control bodies and any other asset managers, to ensure the best result. The customer can choose Ersel as the sole manager or can entrust the management of one or more sub-funds to another operator.

For the sub-funds established and managed by the group, Ersel drafts reports with a high degree of transparency of the assets invested and the management choices. In the event of delegation to a third-party manager, Ersel can monitor all phases, from selection of the manager to assessment of the rules and the procedures followed, which govern specific aspects such as cross-selling between the funds managed and market abuse.



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