Main information

Fund name Globersel Equity Value Class A - Metropolis
Benchmark 100% MSCI World Index
Category International Equity Fund
Legal structure Luxembourg umbrella mutual fund
Currency Euro

Investment object

The main objective of the sub-fund is the appreciation of the capital value over a long period of time (approximately 5 years) with a high level of risk.

Investment policy

The sub-fund invests in shares of companies selected according to high quality criteria, undervalued by the market in relation to their ability to generate income streams in the future, according to a value approach. Investments are concentrated in a limited portfolio (15-25 securities), with low turnover, around 5 years.

ESG, environment, society, governance

The investment process integrates environmental, social and governance factors. The fund monitors the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) profile of the investments and can take a position on issues that could have a negative impact on the matter.

Legal information

Depository bank CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg branch
Audit firm EY
How to subscribe it

The Funds managed by Ersel Gestion Internationale S.A. can be subscribed by sending an order to the Transfer Agent and Custodian Bank of the Fund. Investor Services Team:

  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 00 352 47 6759 99
  • Fax number: 00 352 47 67 70 37
  • Business hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET
  • Languages: Inglese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch

For institutional investors the orders can also be transmitted through the following distributors: Allfunds Bank, Mfex, Fund Channel.

NAV calculation frequency Daily
Fund units publication

Fund ticker

ISIN code LU2018618616
Bloomberg GLBEVMA LX


Entry charge None
Exit charge None
Maximum management fees 1.5% on an annual basis
Performance fee 20% calculated on the positive difference between the net return of the Sub-Fund and the MSCI World Index in the reference calendar year (Reference Period).
Minimum amount of the first subscription 2.500 euro
Minimum amount of subsequent subscriptions None


Period NAV Fund Benchmark
- - - -
* Average annual compound yield
NOTE: Before subscribing, read the informative prospectus. There is no guarantee of obtaining the same return afterwards.

Graphic trend

In March, the growth of major equity indices continued, once again recording positive returns exceeding all-time highs.

Monthly comment from the manager

The Eurozone outperforms (+4%) against the S&P500 (+3%) and especially Nasdaq (+2%); within the Eurozone, Italy's excellent performance continues (+6%), which also extends YTD (+15%).  

This dynamic of developed countries, positive in absolute and relative terms, can be explained by a still particularly favorable environment for financial markets, supported by further confirmations on the evolution of the global economy. On the other hand, an underperformance is registered by the Japanese stock market, which loses some strength after the strong bullish momentum of recent months. Emerging markets positive but still remain lagging in the month and YTD. 

Government bonds mark a general tightening, more evident in Europe and for peripherals, all the more so. Spreads narrowing. Commodities generally up for the month. Crude oil and other names in the energy sector continue their rise since the beginning of the year. Gold, precious and industrial metals also up pronouncedly, after several months of weariness. 

The dollar remains stable against major currencies, Bitcoin rising strongly. Value, momentum and small caps are favored in the month. Energy and basic materials on the other hand are the best sectors, consumer staples and IT lag behind, but still positive. 

The fund had a positive absolute performance and outperformed its benchmark over the period. Sector allocation made positive contributions along with stock selection, thanks mainly to Alphabet, Howden Joinery, and Kubota. No movements to report.

Offer documents

Document Date of the document Download
PRIIPS KID 01/03/2024 PDF get_app
KIID (UK INVESTORS) 01/01/2023 PDF get_app
Management rules 05/02/2019 PDF get_app
Prospectus 08/01/2024 PDF get_app
Addendum to the Prospectus for Investors in the UK 01/07/2022 PDF get_app
Annual reporting requirements 31/12/2022 PDF get_app

Semi-annual reports

Document Date of the document Download
Semi annual report 30/06/2023 PDF get_app

Annual reports

Document Date of the document Download
Annual report 31/12/2022 PDF get_app
Annual Report CH 31/12/2021 PDF get_app
Annual Report DE 31/12/2021 PDF get_app
Fund manager
Metropolis Capital Limited
Gestore in delega
Risk level
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Morningstar star star star star star
CFS Rating star star star star star


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