Encryption system

Ersel uses a 128/256-bit Transport Layer Security encryption system 

TLS is a non-proprietary protocol that allows secure communication between the web server and client computer. 

It is, in fact, a global standard in the protection of web transactions. 

Not just credit card numbers, financial data or form information entered by users, but all sensitive information processed by the TLS protocol is transmitted in encrypted form with the dual purpose of: 

  • making it more difficult to intercept the data transmitted between clients and Ersel; 
  • preventing external parties from interpreting the data transmitted, making it unreadable thanks to 128/256-bit encryption keys. 

All pages of the Ersel website requiring the entry or sending of data are in https and are downloaded using this protocol, making it possible to ensure their integrity and origin; they are thus secure and protected. 


Secure site seal

The secure site seal allows you to check the authenticity of the VeriSign’s digital certificate at any time.

VeriSign’s digital certificates offer the end user an additional series of guarantees:

  • authentication of the identity of the website you are connected to; 
  • authentication of the company or organisation that owns and manages the website.


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