Wealth management specialist Ersel is one of the largest private banking groups in Italy. Since 1936 Ersel has been unique in Italy for its absolute independence, the quality of its service and its direct, personal relationship with its customers.

First company

First company

authorized for mutual fund manager in Italy



international group



320 people in Italy, London and Luxembourg



still run by the founders' families



group assets solid, grown over the years



quality and depth of analysis combined with transparency and timeliness

Founded in Turin as Studio Giubergia, the first mutual fund company authorised in Italy, Ersel complements its core business with investment advisory, trust and corporate advisory services.


Independence and entrepreneurial approach

The group is still led by its founding families, who hold all of its shares; a choice of tenaciously pursued independence and a guarantee of responsibility and autonomy of judgment in investment decisions.

Since it is not tied to any industrial or financial companies, the group is free to act in the interest of its customers without outside influences and without being conditioned by possible conflicts of interest. By combining ownership of the Bank with management responsibility, the partners personally ensure an ongoing commitment, constant oversight and a long-term vision.

Ersel today is a model of continuity and innovation: a secure choice that is able to offer all clients, whether private, institutional or corporate, the certainty of being able to rely on a authoritative, transparent and custom-tailored service. 

A reference point for high net worth families

Ever since the offices of the exchange agents Giubergia and Albertini first opened their doors, they have been a reference point for Turin and Milan's prominent families, taking a view of service that extends beyond the mere execution of orders, through strategies whose core objective is the protection and preservation of assets. Today, in a radically different scenario and with a banking group structure, Ersel stays true to this vision and remains a safe haven in Italy for families that own large assets.

Group activities

The group focuses its activities on three main areas: Private BankingAsset Management and Fiduciary Services.

Private banking



Asset management


Fiduciary services


Online SIM, the market-leading fintech platform for online mutual funds investing since 2000, is also a member of the Ersel Group.

Commitment in the field of culture, art and philanthropy

The strong links with the city of origin and awareness of the social responsibility of a company present in Turin for more than 80 years are the guiding principles of Ersel’s activities in the field of art and culture.

The Paideia Foundation was created in 1993 with various areas of activity, but a single goal: improving the lives of the whole family unit affected by a disability. The Paideia Centre opened in 2018, a cutting edge multi-purpose facility for the rehabilitation of children, a space in which specialist services are integrated with leisure and relaxation within a non-medicalised, eco-sustainable and fully accessible facility, also in terms of costs, thanks to controlled tariffs.

At the end of the 1980s, Ersel was among the promoters of Consulta for the development of Turin’s artistic and cultural heritage, created on the back of an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs who had the past and future of the city at heart; a form of modern patronage geared towards giving the new generations a more beautiful and better looked-after Turin.
In order to honour the memory of Engineer Renzo Giubergia, after his passing, the Foundation named after him was established, with the goal of combining the love of music, young people and beauty. In fact, it promotes concerts in particular places, which are worth being developed and promoted, and competitions for young talents.

ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance

Social polarisation and environmental risks are unavoidable problems today; Ersel, which has always been attentive to issues of social responsibility, has embraced the European Union's pursuit of development of sustainable finance through a harmonised regulatory framework.

Considerations regarding environmental, social and governance aspects are an integral part of the Group's investment selection process.

Sustainability and the management of any business according to the best practices of "good governance" are essential factors to the creation of value in the short term, but even more so in the medium-to-long term.

Accordingly, Ersel takes ESG factors into great consideration in its operations, business practices, products, the investments it promotes and its relations with the various categories of its stakeholders.


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