Main information

Fund name Leadersel Gaflex Class C
Category Mixte fund
Legal structure Luxembourg umbrella mutual fund
Currency Euro

Investment policy

This Fund is actively managed and aims to achieve capital growth by investing in different classes of international transferable securities. The Fund has no reference Benchmark. The Fund may invest up to 100% in transferable securities, such as fixed and floating rate debt securities, bonds, debenture notes, commercial papers, convertible bonds, with no duration, rating, issuer countries or currency constraints; directly or through investments in undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS) authorised pursuant to UCITS Directive and/or other UCIs within the meaning of Article 1, paragraph 2, first and second indent of said Directive. The Fund will not invest more than 80% of its net assets in equity and in equity linked securities, including UCITSs and/or UCIs, that have a policy of investing mainly in equity and equity linked derivatives. The investment in UCITS may include UCITS ETFs. The Fund may also invest up to 15% in Cocos Bonds; 40% Non investment grade or High Yield, including 10% Distressed Securities; 10% CAT Bonds (via UCITSs and or UCIs); 15% Delta One Securities; 10% Real estate (via UCITS and/or UCIs); 35% in aggregate in ETNs or ETCs. The Fund may hold cash (i.e. bank deposits at sight) but not more than 20% of its total net assets, except under exceptionally unfavourable conditions and on a temporary basis. The Fund may use financial techniques and instruments in order to promote an efficient portfolio management, in accordance with the restrictions set forth in the “Financial techniques and instruments” chapter of the prospectus. The Fund will neither invest in Asset Backed Securities (“ABS”), nor in Mortgage Backed Securities (“MBS”). Nevertheless, indirect exposure limited to a residual part of the assets of the Fund may occur from the investment in the eligible UCITSs and/or UCIs. The Fund may use SFT. The Fund takes into account the sustainability risks in its investment decisions as defined and described in the Chapter ESG CRITERIA AND SUSTAINABILITY RISKS. This Fund qualifies as an "Article 6" financial product for the purposes of Regulation UE 2019/2088 on Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (‘SFDR’). The Fund also takes into account ESG criteria in the manner described in the same Chapter, section "General approach to ESG
criteria and sustainability risks". Nevertheless, the investments underlying this Fund do not take into consideration the enviromental objectives as defined by Regulation 2020/852 (EU Taxonomy) for environmentally sustainable economic activities. Any income received by the Fund is reinvested. The reference currency of the Fund is the Euro. The Class C is quoted in Euro. Investors can buy or sell shares of the Fund on a daily basis (full bank business day).

Legal information

Depository bank Caceis Bank, Luxembourg Branch
Audit firm EY
How to subscribe it

The Funds managed by Ersel Gestion Internationale S.A. can be subscribed by sending an order to the Transfer Agent and Custodian Bank of the Fund. Investor Services Team:

  • Email address:  
  • Phone number: 00 352 47 6759 99 
  • Fax number: 00 352 47 67 70 37 
  • Business hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET 
  • Languages: Inglese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch

For institutional investors the orders can also be transmitted through the following distributors: Allfunds Bank, Mfex, Fund Channel.

NAV calculation frequency Daily
Fund units publication

Fund ticker

ISIN code LU2454328365
Bloomberg BBG019D8FNQ2


Entry charge None
Exit charge None
Maximum management fees 1.20% on an annual basis
Performance fee Maximum rate of 10% according to the High Watermark combined with Hurdle rate method.
Minimum amount of the first subscription 2.500 euro
Minimum amount of subsequent subscriptions 0


Period NAV Fund Benchmark
- - - -
* Average annual compound yield
NOTE: Before subscribing, read the informative prospectus. There is no guarantee of obtaining the same return afterwards.

Graphic trend

Offer documents

Document Date of the document Download
KID 01/03/2024 PDF get_app
Management rules 05/02/2019 PDF get_app
Prospectus 17/06/2024 PDF get_app

Semi-annual reports

Document Date of the document Download
Semi annual report 30/06/2023 PDF get_app
Semi annual report CH 30/06/2023 PDF get_app

Annual reports

Document Date of the document Download
Annual report 31/12/2023 PDF get_app
Annual Report CH 31/12/2023 PDF get_app
Fund manager
Fulvio Martina
Responsabile strategie flessibili e investimenti multi-asset
Matteo Pugnaloni
Team Investimenti Multi-Asset
Risk level
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7


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