Main information

Fund name Globersel Pactum Natural Resources Class F
Category Equity fund investing in natural resources
Legal structure Luxembourg umbrella mutual fund
Currency GBP

Investment object

The Fund seeks to maximise capital growth. In order to achieve the above said aims, the Fund invests mainly in shares of companies active in natural resources and related sectors through direct investments or derivative instruments. The Fund may also use derivatives to create short positions.

Investment policy

The Fund may invest in instruments denominated in currencies other than the Euro. The Fund may invest, on a residual basis, in money market instruments with duration of less than 12 months and hold liquid assets, including bank deposits. The Fund's investmentdecisions are made on a discretionary basis. In order to achieve the above aims, the Fund can use derivatives such as forward exchange transactions, futures, options, swaps and contracts for difference. Any income received by the Fund is reinvested. The Fund's value is calculated and expressed in Pound Sterling. Investors can buy or sell shares of the Fund on a daily basis (full bank business day).

Legal information

Depository bank CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
Audit firm Ernst & Young S.A.
How to subscribe it

The Funds managed by Ersel Gestion Internationale S.A. can be subscribed by sending an order to the Transfer Agent and Custodian Bank of the Fund.
Investor Services Team:

  • Email address:
  • Phone number:00.352.
  • Faxnumber:00.352.
  • Business hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch

For institutional investors the orders can also be transmitted through the following distributors: Allfunds Bank, Mfex, Fund Channel.

NAV calculation frequency Daily
Fund units publication

Fund ticker

ISIN code LU1725406430


Entry charge None
Exit charge None
Maximum management fees Max 1.6% on an annual basis
Performance fee 20% calculated based on the "High Water Mark" (the highest net asset value per share recorded at month-end) over the preceeding 12 months, net of management fees.
Minimum amount of the first subscription GBP equivalent to 2500 euros
Minimum amount of subsequent subscriptions GBP equivalent to 250 euros

Offer documents

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KIID 26/02/2019 PDF get_app
Management rules 05/02/2019 PDF get_app
Prospectus 17/06/2020 PDF get_app
Prospectus UK 24/10/2019 PDF get_app

Semi-annual reports

Document Updated to Download
Semi annual report 18/09/2020 PDF get_app

Annual reports

Document Updated to Download
Annual report 01/07/2020 PDF get_app
Risk level
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