In 1993, at the wish of the Giubergia and Argentero families, the Fondazione Paideia was created and works to improve the living conditions of children and families who are experiencing hardship, by promoting specific initiatives and encouraging the development of effective and innovative social initiatives.

In recent years almost two hundred projects have been supported and developed and over one thousand, five hundred families with children who are disabled or chronically ill have been assisted, through individual and group programs, in order to provide support for parents experiencing difficulties. Paideia’s daily commitment is to offer support to families in difficulty, to experiment with social intervention models, and to create the bases for the trouble-free growth of children and the development of their potential: family, local territory, culture. 

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You can support the Paideia Foundation with donations, with the 5 x thousand, becoming voluntary and with many other initiatives promoted by the foundation.

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Centro Paideia

The Centro Paideia is a challenge, a dream, an ambition. It is the will to respond to a need of the territory by developing a pole of excellence in child rehabilitation, an area of ​​socialization and inclusion for all families.

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