Ersel is a unique company in Italy due to its complete independence, professional approach and service quality, and its direct and personal relationship with clients. It is still headed by the founder’s family and is a modern-day model of continuity and innovation that can offer every client a well-respected, transparent and tailored service

Image History

The company was founded in Turin in 1936 by Giuseppe Giubergia. The business has grown and developed over the years, and has won the trust of an increasing number of banks and private clients. At the end of the war, the Studio Giubergia grew thanks to the contribution of Renzo Giubergia who, with his brother-in-law Bruno Argentero, supported his father in the business.

If Renzo Giubergia, thanks to his personal ability, laid the foundations to create the current Ersel Group, his son Guido, as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, helped by his sister Paola, the external relations director, and his daughter Francesca in marketing, is now working together with the company’s professional managers to develop an organisation which is always at the cutting edge, is flexible and dynamic, and is capable, now as in the past, of great innovation.

1980 - Ersel Finanziaria Mobiliare

After 44 years’ working in the brokerage sector, in 1980 Ersel Finanziaria Mobiliare S.p.A. was set up, which enabled the development of activities such as asset management and participation in guarantee cooperatives and the placement of Securities. Well ahead of its time, the Studio specialises in and offers an asset management service based on tailored consultancy, a choice that was necessary above all due to the type of clients and the relationship of trust with them.

1983 - Ersel Asset Management is set up

In 1983 Sogersel, which is now Ersel Asset Management, was set up and was the first asset management company to be authorised in Italy.

1984 - Fondersel is created

In 1984 the mutual fund, Fondersel, was set up, which would be followed in later years by other mutual funds offering different specialisations.

1992 - Giubergia-Warburg Sim is created

1990 saw the start of the collaboration between Studio Giubergia and Warburg Securities of the S.G. Warburg Group (now UBS Warburg), one of the largest European merchant banks. The agreement in 1992 led to its transformation into a brokerage company, with the name Giubergia Warburg Sim SpA which subsequently became Giubergia Ubs Sim SpA.

2000 - Ersel Hedge SGR is set up

Ersel Hedge SGR, now merged into Ersel Asset Management SGR, is the second company in Italy to have been authorised by the Bank of Italy to manage and place hedge funds, in order to offer private and institutional clients products that have low levels of correlation with traditional market indices and are less volatile.

2001 - 2003 - Tax shield

In the 2001 and 2003 editions of the Tax Shield, Ersel played a leading role and handled over one thousand repatriation transactions for a total value of over 1.3 billion euro.

2003 - Hedgersel

In 2003 Hedgersel was created as a pure hedge fund. In the same year Ersel bought and restructured one of the most beautiful buildings in Turin, Palazzo Ceriana, and moved its Turin offices there.

2004 - Acquisition of Online SIM

Online SIM is acquired, the Italian online asset management platform that today has more than 4000 mutual funds of over 130 management companies among the best selected in the world.

2007 - 2008 Ersel Investment Club and Alisia

There were two significant innovations in 2007 and 2008: the first was the introduction of new absolute return products, the second was the direct involvement in the world of closed-end funds with a private equity fund, Ersel Investment Club, and a real estate development fund, Alisia. Ersel Investment Club took the legal form of a hedge fund, so that it had greater scope to act also in the sector of debt instruments and listed companies.

2009 - 2010 Third tax shield

In 2009-2010, during the third tax shield, Ersel collected over 700 million euro. The historic boutique’s focus on the needs of entrepreneurs and families with large assets as well as its complete respect for confidentiality were thus rewarded compared to other better known names.

2011 - New offices in London

In 2011 a new operating branch of Ersel Gestion Internationale SA was opened in London, where the research and analysis work of the best external managers is concentrated. The direct presence in Europe’s main financial centre aims to consolidate the professional network with the most prestigious investment houses.

2014 - Renewal of the product range

In the last few years Ersel launched several multi asset products, characterized by a broad diversification in terms of strategy, low volatility and liquidity of investments.

2015 - Voluntary disclosure

Ersel has supported clients as managers for repatriated activities and as a substitute tax through the Fidersel trust company for assets remaining abroad and for foreign properties through a representative trust mandate.

2015 - Acquisition of Simon and Nomen

Ersel acquires the two historic Turin trust companies.

2016 - Private Banking in U.K.

Ersel begins the management and consulting activity on clients' assets at the London office.

2018 - Nomen incorporates Fidersel

Fidersel Fiduciaria is incorporated into Nomen Fiduciaria.

2018 - Banca ALBERTINI

In 2018 the hystoric milanese bank, foundend by Isidoro Albertini, makes its entry in Ersel Group. Giubergia and Albertini, names that have marked the history of Piazza Affari, join forces in an operation that responds to synergies and affinity. The union with Banca ALBERTINI increases Ersel's position as the leading independent group in private banking in Italy, offering a complete and highly specialized range of services and products.