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From the 1936 expert in the management of patrimonies, Ersel is an unique reality in the Italian panorama, for the absolute independence, for the professionalism and the quality of the service, for the direct and personal relationship with the client.

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From 1936 the capital of the societies of the group is entirely held by the family of the founder; a choice of independence persecuted with tenacity and a guarantee of responsibility and autonomy of judgment in the decisions of investment.

Born in Turin as Studio Giubergia, first licensed mutual funds company in Italy, Ersel has always placed side by side to his core business advisory services on investments, on fiscal and successory matters and corporate advisory services.

Anticipating the times, in 1983 Ersel has constituted the first authorized society in Italy to the management and the placement of mutual funds and in 2000 Ersel has been among the pioneers in the sector of the hedges fund.

Since 1936 the company’s share capital has been entirely held by the founding family. With more than 18 billion Euros in clients’assets - after the entry of Bank Albertini in the Group - and a staff of around 300 people, Ersel represents a model of continuity and innovation, a sure choice, able to offer to every client, private, institutional or company, the certainty of an authoritative service, transparent and personalized.