Familiarity with the needs of high net worth entrepreneurs and families, extreme attention to confidentiality, personalised service and transparent trading are characteristics that have always qualified the trust services of Ersel, a leading player in previous Italian tax amnesty and voluntary disclosure initiatives.

The Ersel Group's trust service centre, consisting of Simon Fiduciaria and Nomen Fiduciaria, stands out on the Italian market for its independence, professionalism and ability to customise every solution. 

Wealth Care is the set of high added-value services offered through specialised, established expertise in the holding, administration and transmission of complex portfolios. The services are geared towards both the private and business sphere, to meet growing needs in terms of administrative simplification, management of generational succession and optimisation of corporate governance processes. 

The main services to private clients and their families to protect and grow their assets over time relate to trust holding of financial portfolios and shareholdings, mandate without trust holding of assets held abroad, tax consolidation, the role of professional trustee, escrow agent service and corporate support for club deal initiatives. 

Of particular importance are activities related to philanthropy and assistance. Individuals without heirs, or otherwise sensitive to social issues, who wish to leave some or all of their assets to philanthropic initiatives, or corporate clients committed to taking corporate social responsibility issues seriously can benefit from assistance from Ersel in building their own personal projects. Those who wish to plan future care, for themselves or their loved ones, will also find in Ersel an ideal partner to deal with this sensitive topic according to a structured approach.

Trust services for the private sphere also include Wealth Planning, Family Office and Wealth Analysis.


Wealth Planning services

These estate and succession planning services aim to preserve the integrity of family assets so that they can be passed to future generations. Clients receive assistance in the development of a wealth planning and protection strategy through assessments of the most suitable legal instruments. Particular consideration is devoted to tax requirements and other needs in connection with people’s increasingly frequent international mobility.


Family Office and Wealth Analysis services

These are services dedicated to large private and institutional portfolios, often entrusted to a plurality of managers, designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the asset allocation and the degree of alignment with the client's objectives, along with areas with room for improvement.

They provide an overview, analytical monitoring of investments in terms of allocation, performance, risks, costs and taxation, with timely support in formulating investment strategies and independent analysis of the various proposals. 

Based on a proprietary technology platform that is the result of years of research in the field of data analysis, risk management and data visualisation, these services rely on a dedicated team of specialists who handle all stages of the process, from data collection and processing to the production of customised reports.

In particular:

  • Family Office service is dedicated to high net worth individuals who require independent professional support in managing and supervising diverse, complex portfolios.
  • Wealth Analysis is dedicated to professional investors to ensure thorough monitoring of the various investments from an overall portfolio perspective.




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