Ersel offers a complete range of corporate advisory services to satisfy all demands linked directly or indirectly to business management.

A specialist area, created to meet the needs of the business world in response to increasingly more complex challenges. Market competition also requires small or medium enterprises to make strategic decisions in order to ensure restructuring, repositioning or expansion through partnerships, integrations, opening of capital to new partners.

An urgency felt, in particular, by “enlarged” family-owned companies, that are now in the third or fourth generation, companies that often need a new driving force to achieve development or, at the very least, continuity objectives.

Ersel responds by offering, as an independent advisor, an integrated and comprehensive service for extraordinary finance transactions, together with targeted and professional advisory services, indispensable support for those committed to redesigning the future of their company.


Corporate Finance

Ersel can act as advisor in corporate finance and extraordinary finance transactions: assessment of strategic alternatives, obtainment of equity or debt capital, corporate structuring and tax optimisation, creation of business plans and debt restructuring.


Club Deal

Club Deal is a distinctive service offered by Ersel, which brings companies seeking investors (in the form of equity or debt) into contact with those looking to diversify, investing part of their assets in entrepreneurial activities.



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