The investment advisory is aimed in particular at clients who wish to be kept constantly informed about the market situation in order to take advantage of the best investment opportunities.

A dedicated team of professional staff provide their know-how to support knowledgeable and informed investment choices.
The client can refer to their consultant to obtain:

  • a market overview
  • periodic despatch of targeted advice based on their needs
  • suggestions on tactical portfolio operations
  • advice structured to specific requests

The advisory team constantly draws up and updates a set of buy lists ranging from the bond sector to the equity segment, to third-party funds, assisted in this analysis by the London branch, through a rigorous due diligence process.

To strengthen research, in 2010 Ersel Gestion Internationale opened the London office, where the activities of analysis and selection of external managers focused on international multi-manager investment programs, carried out by Ersel Asset Management and Ersel Gestion Internationale, were concentrated.

The presence on the main European financial center has allowed to consolidate the professional network with the most prestigious investment houses and to configure opportunities not easily available to private investors in Italy.


Utmost protection for the client

The personalised recommendation must be tailored to the client, based on the consideration of their characteristics; in other words, it must respond to what the law defines as adequacy criteria as regards the client.
The advisory team supports the client in their decisions in keeping with the risk profile and the investment objectives outlined; comparing the match between these objectives and the asset allocation applied is a continuous process, both through frequent meetings between the consultant and the client and through timely and detailed reporting.


Continuous consultancy and on-demand consultancy

The client can use the continuous consultancy service which envisages periodic despatches of material, with macroeconomic scenarios and timely analyses on sectors, markets, companies and securities, to let the client have the detailed knowledge of the markets and financial instruments which is necessary for knowledgeable and informed investment decisions. 
The client can also expect for prompt answers to precise questions.


Documents envisaged by the continuous consultancy service

  • Weekly analysis
    - Macroeconomic scenario of the main geographic areas worldwide - Europe, United States, Japan and Pacific
    - Trends in the main market variables - equities, bonds, currencies and commodities
    - Calendar with main financial events worldwide for the following week
  • Fortnightly market list with indications on the recommended financial instruments in terms of Italian bonds and equities.
  • Monthly analysis
    - Recommended portfolio in terms of macro and micro asset classes, in line with the client’s financial profile
    - Monthly market list, with indications on the recommend financial instruments from among international equities, ETFs, Group funds and third party funds


Documents envisaged by the on-demand consultancy service

The client’s request is forwarded to the advisory team which prepares an appropriate analysis and replies in a timely manner, providing:

  • Documents showing essential elements and positive trends
  • Schedules on markets, comments, charts and summaries of the individual assets covered by the request

For clients with particularly significant assets, managed in an articulated manner and entrusted to different managers, Ersel offers an account aggregation service, which allows you to value the entire capital at a given time to optimize the choices of the portfolio.



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