Through the London office, Ersel offers selection services managers and creation of dedicated Sicavs and Funds, while the Luxembourg office is focused on private banking activities with the aim of accompanying customers who have international interests, family and business.

To strengthen research, in 2010 the London office was opened as a hub for the analysis and selection of external managers for international multi-manager investment programmes, developed by Ersel Asset Management and Ersel Gestion Internationale.

A presence on Europe's most important financial centre has made it possible to consolidate the professional network with the most prestigious investment houses and to configure investment opportunities that are not readily available to private investors in Italy.

In 2016, the London office expanded its services, dedicating its efforts directly to the management of some investment funds in which the use of external managers selected by the research service is prevalent.

Since 2019 Ersel is oriented towards strengthening the platform of foreign management, which has the target of accompanying clients who have international interests, both family and business. The group's choice was to focus private banking activities in Luxembourg, also responding to a logic of supervision of the most important European markets following the period of uncertainty over the Brexit outcomes.



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