Created to honour the memory and renew the commitment of Ersel’s Chairman, who passed away in 2010, the Fondazione Renzo Giubergia aims to help and promote promising young musicians and artists, by using, and at the same time creating value from, places of particular beauty and architectural importance, starting from initiatives which will initially be carried out in the Region of Piedmont and which may arouse interest at a national level.

These include buildings, public and private spaces of great historic, cultural or environmental interest which, due to lack of funds, structures or staff, cannot by themselves attract or keep the attention of a broad public. In these places the Fondazione Renzo Giubergia intends to finance and promote high profile concerts and events that can expand their use, in agreement and in synergy with the main local bodies, with the relevant superintendents, departments and authorities, both public and private, with the FAI and with the Council of Turin for the valorisation of artistic assets. Where the Council’s work aims to raise funds for the restoration and conservation of places and monuments of particular historic and artistic importance, the mission of Fondazione Giubergia is to restore them to active life and increase awareness of them. 


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