Founded in 2012 to honor the memory and renew the commitment of the President of Ersel, the Fondazione Renzo Giubergia aims to help and promote young talented musicians while enhancing places of particular cultural and artistic interest in the Turin area.

Concerts, competitions and other high-profile initiatives, realized in collaboration with the most prestigious city's institutions, to promote the knowledge and attendance of spaces and buildings of great architectural or environmental value, sometimes overlooked by the general public.

The use of a historical space can of course take place in its own right, unrelated to the activities it welcomes, but in many cases this is made difficult by the position, by the modalities of openness, by the scarce media presence. Hence the role of stimulus and promotional support that the Foundation proposes. 

At the basis of this activity there are years of experience and attention that Ersel has given to the world of culture and arts, by the will of its founder, the engineer Renzo Giubergia, twice president of the Consulta per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Artistici di Torino and founding member of the Fondazione Teatro Regio.

The network of collaborations and contacts that Ersel has built over the years with numerous public and private entities for the production or support of cultural events is the reference framework on which the Fondazione Renzo Giubergia is based. In its program, particular attention is paid to the nature of the buildings, their history and the history of the territory in which they are located, in the belief that the search for a coherence between space and event ensures a more fluid and engaging fruition, amplifying both the artistic beauty of the place and the value of the musical proposal.


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