To open an account with us you need to go to one of our offices.

In Italy and in many other European countries, it is also possible to open a remote account. Follow the directions below.

Contact us

You can get in touch via phone, fax or email with our private bankers. Contact us now.

The documents to be sent

A photocopy of the identity document and social security number must be sent by post, fax or email.

Wire transfer*

Communicate to your bank the account number that we will provide, which must be reported on the bank transfer for the opening of the relationship.

* It must be remembered that the person who arranges the bank transfer must be the holder / joint account holder of both the original account and the destination account. The account is opened, and from that moment on it is operational. In the continuation of the relationship, which will be managed according to the methods chosen by the client with the advice of our experts, all the subsequent operations will have to transit from the original supporting bank account. Alternatively, the customer support bank must issue a specific declaration allowing Ersel remote recognition.


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