Institutional clients

Ersel targets its services not only at private clients and companies, but also at institutional clients such as banks, foundations, closed-end funds, asset management companies and insurance companies, making available the ability and experience of its team which, in particular, deals with asset management, consultancy and corporate finance services, and constitution and management of SICAV funds and Luxembourg dedicated funds.

Image Institutional clients

Asset management

Ersel manages the assets of institutional investors through the skill and professionalism of its management team.

Each portfolio is subject to careful study and analysis which enables appropriate asset allocation for all needs, while respecting the risk/reward objectives set by the client.
Ersel can operate on all markets and handle any type of financial instrument.

Transparency and clarity in the process are a guarantee of the utmost reliability for those who outsource the management of their assets. Particular attention is paid to keeping the client continually informed about the investment strategies adopted and on constantly providing the accounting and administrative documents requested.
Through full reporting, the client also has access to a global and detailed overview of their assets: performance data, the trend in shares over time, portfolio analysis and comparisons with indices and benchmarks.

Consultancy services

Consultancy for institutional clients involves providing services and high quality know-how on:

  • asset allocation
  • asset liability management
  • risk management
  • portfolio restructuring.



Corporate finance services

Ersel’s longstanding experience in operations involving private companies has been completed by prestigious mandates undertaken for banking foundations.The foundations, besides pursuing statutory objectives which are typical of their particular sectors, are now long-term investors in supporting and developing business projects which entail a deep-rooted local presence. Ersel provides the foundations with news of investment opportunities and acts as an advisor on merger and acquisition operations.

SICAV and Luxembourg dedicated funds

Thanks to a dedicated team and its long experience, Ersel creates SICAV and foreign funds that are tailored to the needs of institutional clients, and which consist of a single fund or umbrella funds. The funds in their turn can have a specific nature or can be constructed in such a way as to be invested in a range of instruments.

In the case of umbrella funds, in accordance with the law of Luxembourg, each fund is segregated from the others, with its own investment policy and one or more dedicated investment managers.
Among the possible investments are all the financial instruments, such as shares, corporate and government bonds, mutual funds, indices and options as well as less traditional solutions such as real estate funds and alternative investments, hedge funds and UCITS funds.

The establishment of a dedicated SICAV or Luxembourg fund offers clients a very high degree of transparency and visibility over their invested assets and management choices; the establishment of dedicated funds within a SICAV which has already been established has several advantages in terms of time and costs.
Ersel sees to all the administrative requirements and all the documentation requested by the local authorities and works closely with the key players involved in the project, including the supervisory bodies and any other asset managers, in order to guarantee the best result. The client can choose Ersel as a single manager or can entrust one or more funds to the management of another operator.

For funds set up and managed by the Group, Ersel produces reports that are very transparent about the assets invested and the management choices. In the case of delegation to a third-party manager, Ersel can follow all the stages, from the selection of the manager up to verification of the rules and procedures followed, which regulate specific aspects such as cross-selling between managed funds and prevention against market abuse.