Social responsibility

Its profound link with the city and its focus on corporate social responsibility over 80 years are the principles which underpin Ersel’s action in the cultural field; not just to create a positive image and the possibility of personal meetings with clients and opinion leaders, but also real and active participation in the cultural and social life of Turin.

Image Social responsibility

This commitment is confirmed by the presence among the founding shareholders of Teatro Regio, one of the most prestigious Italian lyric companies, by collaboration with prestigious institutions such as Unione Musicale, Galleria d’Arte Moderna and the FAI and by participation in the Consulta per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Artistici e Culturali della città (council for the valorisation of the city’s artistic and cultural assets).

Created in 1987 at the behest of six entrepreneurs who all wanted to do something for the city, the aforementioned council soon became an important and precious resource for the recovery and valorisation of Turin’s cultural heritage. A success story which has lasted for twenty years and is now a model copied in other Italian cities.

In 1993, at the wish of the Giubergia and Argentero families, the Fondazione Paideia was created and works to improve the living conditions of children and families who are experiencing hardship, by promoting specific initiatives and encouraging the development of effective and innovative social initiatives.

In recent years almost two hundred projects have been supported and developed and over one thousand, five hundred families with children who are disabled or chronically ill have been assisted, through individual and group programs, in order to provide support for parents experiencing difficulties. Paideia’s daily commitment is to offer support to families in difficulty, to experiment with social intervention models, and to create the bases for the trouble-free growth of children and the development of their potential: family, local territory, culture. 


Created to honour the memory and renew the commitment of Ersel’s Chairman, who passed away in 2010, the Fondazione Renzo Giubergia aims to help and promote promising young musicians and artists, by using, and at the same time creating value from, places of particular beauty and architectural importance, starting from initiatives which will initially be carried out in the Region of Piedmont and which may arouse interest at a national level.

These include buildings, public and private spaces of great historic, cultural or environmental interest which, due to lack of funds, structures or staff, cannot by themselves attract or keep the attention of a broad public. In these places the Fondazione Renzo Giubergia intends to finance and promote high profile concerts and events that can expand their use, in agreement and in synergy with the main local bodies, with the relevant superintendents, departments and authorities, both public and private, with the FAI and with the Council of Turin for the valorisation of artistic assets. Where the Council’s work aims to raise funds for the restoration and conservation of places and monuments of particular historic and artistic importance, the mission of Fondazione Giubergia is to restore them to active life and increase awareness of them.